The Disabilities Trust was founded 41 years ago and today is one of the UK's leading national charities. We provide residential and day services to meet the needs of individuals with Brain Injury and Physical Disability. We also provide care and support to enable living in the community and support at home.

People with disabilities are at the heart of all that we do. While meeting care and support needs, we will endeavour at all times to enhance their independence and promote the rights of disabled people as equal members of society. We believe in:

  • the honesty and integrity of everyone in, and associated with, the Trust
  • respect and support for each other and our respective roles
  • accountability and responsibility at all times.
  • working in partnership with others to the mutual benefit of people with disabilities.

We will:

  • deliver services to the highest possible standard
  • be businesslike and professional but caring
  • aim for financial viability
  • be forward thinking, innovative and pioneering
  • work towards measurable quality outcomes
  • raise standards within the sector

Inspired by the potential of people with disabilities, we are working in partnerships to provide the highest quality services for those within our area of expertise.

The culture at The Disabilities Trust embeds values and behaviours that equate to: aiming high, with our service users, our colleagues, our customers and for the organisation; fulfilling potential in the people we support and in our colleagues; exploring new ideas and continuing to learn together - whilst being accountable; striving to do things better and to make a positive difference.

We are:

  • agile - we are forward thinking, responsive, resilient and flexible to ensure we continue to evolve and spot potential
  • resourceful - we spend time and money wisely empowering people to think differently whilst being practical and commercial
  • courageous - we do the right thing, step up, try new things and are bold and aspirational through positive risk taking
  • connected - we collaborate; create positive relationships, listen and learn from others and keep our promises
  • heart - we show dedication, passion, humility & care to make a lasting and measurable difference

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