At the Disabilities Trust we give our staff all the respect, trust and support they need to make the biggest possible difference to the lives of the people in our services. We help those people live rich and fulfilled lives, as independently as they can. The result is that careers with us are deeply rewarding. Of course it’s hard, but in a positive team environment where innovation is encouraged, that makes it all the more satisfying.

I’m a Support Worker, but I’m also responsible for creating the courtyard garden at one of our centres – I won a competition to design it and received funding from BIRT to maintain it. I get such a buzz from seeing the positive impact the garden has on people – it’s just one more unusual way that work here is satisfying.

Shortly after starting I was trusted to review our processes, and I have developed new programmes for trauma, epilepsy and stroke. I’m proud to say that all have improved outcomes.Being able to do this is a freedom I haven’t yet found in other organisations. Knowing I’m helping people to improve has proved hugely rewarding. It can be tough but I love my job.

I’m Assistant Manager for three residential houses that take care of people with autism. We support them one-to-one and help them go out into the community. The best bit is when unexpected things happen. You think you have a plan, but it can change all of a sudden, and you have to adapt. Every hour and every day is different, I really enjoy that.

I am a full-time Team Leader for BIRT. Caring is in my nature. I help people whose lives have suddenly changed for the worse to re-learn lost skills and return to the community. The improvement can be quite amazing, even over just a few weeks. So for me it’s the best part of my day. It can be tough but it’s so rewarding. It’s also great to be part of the team that makes it possible. It’s why I’m still here.

Traumatic change has a big impact. But mental and physical health are closely linked, and there’s a clear role helping and motivating people. Seeing progress is the best thing, and it can happen quite quickly. This, too, is ‘impact’ and it makes every day really worthwhile.